Small & Big Meals

Tomato & Basil Bruschetta (V) – $14.00

Fresh Daily Oysters (GF) -$26.50(½ Dozen Natural) $29.50(½ Dozen Kilpatrick)

Bowl of Chips – $12.50
With Aioli or Onion Gravy.

Emerald Favourites

Crumbed Calamari – $23.50(S) $32.50(L)
Poppy and sesame seed crumbed calamari tossed in a salad of baby spinach leaves & rocket, tomato, corn, Spanish onion and homemade sweet chilli mayo.

Eye Fillet – $52.00
Choice of Sauces: Creamy Green Peppercorn (GF), Field Mushroom, Bearnaise (GF) or Garlic Butter (GF), served with chips and salad or vegetables and creamy mashed potato.

T-Bone – $37.50
Choice of Sauces: Creamy Green Peppercorn (GF), Field Mushroom, Bearnaise (GF) or Garlic Butter (GF), served with chips and salad or vegetables and creamy mashed potato.

Chicken Parmigiana or Schnitzel – $22.00
Served with chips
– Side Salad +$5
– Side of Vegetables +$5
– Sauce (Peppercorn, Mushroom or Bearnaise) +$1

Traditional Corned Silverside (GF) – $24.50(S) $31.50(L)
Served with creamy mashed potato, vegetables and seeded mustard sauce.

Grilled Thick Sausages & Bacon – $24.50
With onion gravy, vegetables and creamy mashed potato.

Fresh Grilled Barramundi (GF) – $35.50
Served with chips and salad or creamy mashed potato and vegetables.

Linguini Vegetarian – $29.50
A combination of seasonal vegetables tossed in a tomato sauce.

Emerald Specials

Garlic or Herb Bread – $10.00

Open Eye Fillet Souvlaki – $33.50
Filled with tomato, onion, cucumber and tzatziki sauce with chips.

Milk Fed Pan Fried Crumbed Veal Schnitzel – $43.50
Served with chips topped with a rocket salad.

Nepalese Chicken Curry – $31.50
Served with a bed of jasmine rice and roti bread.

Traditional Greek Salad – $22.50
Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives & Feta Cheese
– Add Chicken +$10

Emerald Pie Of The Day – $23.50(S) $30.50(L)
Served with creamy mashed potato, onion gravy and peas.

Emerald Burger & Chips – $29.50
Lettuce, bacon, cheese, tomato & aioli.

Brochette Of Scallops (GF) – $26.50(S) $39.50(L)
Wrapped in bacon served on a bed of jasmine rice with garlic sauce.

Homemade Potato Gnocchi (V) – $29.50
With truffled mushroom, caramelised onions & spinach.

Seafood Linguini – $37.50
Prawns, Scallops, Fresh Fish, Calamari marinated in garlic, herbs, olive oil and a hint of chilli.

Beer Battered Flake – $35.50
served with chips and salad or mashed potato and vegetables.

Emerald Desserts

Lemon Tart – $15.00
served with vanilla ice-cream.

Sticky Date Pudding – $15.00
served with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

Traditional Apple Crumble – $15.00
served with ice-cream.

Tiramisu – $15.00
a velvety mélange of savoiardi cookies dipped in an espresso & coffee liquor, layered with delicately sweetened whipped eggs and mascarpone cheese, and topped with a dusting of cocoa.

Vanilla Ice-cream – $10.00
With Chocolate or Strawberry topping and wafers.

Local Cheese Platter – $35.00
With fresh fruit and crackers.

Affogato – $16.50
Vanilla ice-cream served with an expresso and choice of liqueurs – Baileys, Frangelico, Tia Maria…

Tea & Coffee

Cappuccino , espresso, cafe latte, piccolo, short black, long black, flat white, short macchiato, long macchiato, hot chocolate – $6.00

English Breakfast, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Chamomile and Green Teas – $6.00

Liqueur Coffee ​- $15.00
Italian coffee (Sambucca)
Roman coffee (Galliano)
Mexican coffee (Kahlua)
Jamaican coffee (Tia Maria)
Emerald coffee (Baileys)
Irish coffee (Jameson Whiskey)

Ports, Muscat, Cognac & After Dining Sips

Penfolds Grandfather – $14.00(S) $20.00(L)

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat – $10.00(S) $12.00(L)

Hennessy VS Cognac – $14.00

Glayva – $14.00

Disaronno – $14.00

Drambuie – $14.00

Dom Benedictine – $14.00


Zilzie BTW Shiraz – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

Mr. Riggs “The Gaffer” Shiraz – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
McLaren Vale, SA

Heathcote “Two Clowns” Shiraz – $50.00(Bottle) $13.00(Glass)
Heathcote, VIC

Zema Estate Shiraz – $60.00(Bottle)
Coonawarra, SA

Coriole Estate Shiraz – $60.00(Bottle)
McLaren Vale, SA

Elderton Estate Shiraz – $60.00(Bottle) $16.00(Glass)
Barossa Valley, SA

Masseria Li Veli Primitivo Orion – $90.00(Bottle)
San Marco, Italy

Coriole Lloyd Shiraz – $160.00(Bottle)
McLaren Vale, SA

Cabernet Sauvignon

Kooyonga Cabernet Sauvignon – $45.00(Bottle)
King Valley, VIC

Parker Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
Coonawarra, SA

Pinot Noir

Zilzie BTW Pinot Noir – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

Scotchman’s Hill Swan Bay – $50.00(Bottle) $13.00(Glass)
Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

One Day Estate Pinot Noir – $55.00(Bottle) $15.00(Glass)
Curlewis, VIC

Conte DÁttimis Nero/Burgandy – $75.00(Bottle)
Buttrio, Italy

Varietal Blends

Zilzie BTW Cabernet Merlot – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

Kooyonga Tempranillo – $50.00(Bottle)
King Valley, VIC

Coriole Sangiovese – $55.00(Bottle) $15.00(Glass)
McLaren Vale, SA

Barone Ricasoli Chianti – $55.00(Bottle)
Toscana, Italy


Zilzie BTW Rosé – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Red Cliffs, VIC

One Day Estate Rosé – $50.00(Bottle) $13.00(Glass)
Curlewis, VIC

Beautiful Mystery – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
King Valley, VIC

Mirrabeau Etoile Rose – $65.00(Bottle)
Provence, France

Alcohol Free Wine

Songbird Cabernet Sauvignon – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
King Valley, VIC

Songbird Chardonnay – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
King Valley, VIC

Henkell Trocker Sparkling – $12.00(200ml)


Piper Hiedsieck Brut – $110.00(Bottle) $20.00(Glass)
Reims, Champ. FR

GH Mumm Brut – $120.00(Bottle)
Reims, Champ. FR

Veuve Clicquot – $140.00(Bottle)
Reims, Champ. FR

Sparkling Wines

Zilzie BTW Sparkling – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

Yves Sparkling Brut – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
Yarra Valley, VIC

Zilzie BTW Prosecco – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

“Angel in the room” Prosecco – $40.00(Bottle) $11.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC


Joseph Drouhin Chablis – $90.00(Bottle)
Chablis, FR


One Day Estate Riesling – $50.00(Bottle) $13.00(Glass)
Curlewis, VIC

Sauvignon Blanc

Zilzie BTW Sauvignon Blanc – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

“Fossette” Sauv. Blanc – $40.00(Bottle) $11.00(Glass)
King Valley, VIC

Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
Marlborough, NZ

Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc – $60.00(Bottle)
Adelaide Hills, SA


Zilzie BTW Chardonnay – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

Maressa Chardonnay – $50.00(Bottle) $13.00(Glass)
Mornington Penisnsula, VIC

Coldstream Hills Chardonnay – $65.00(Bottle) $16.00(Glass)
Yarra Valley, VIC

Scotchman’s Hill Chardonnay – $70.00(Bottle)
Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Pinot Grigio

Zilzie BTW Pinot Grigio – $32.00(Bottle) $9.00(Glass)
Murray Darling, VIC

Postcard Pinot Grigio – $45.00(Bottle) $12.00(Glass)
King Valley, VIC

Pinot Gris

Scotchmans Hill Jack&Jill – $50.00(Bottle) $13.00(Glass)
Bellarine Peninsula, VIC